The Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan puts emphasis on the intellectual and personal development of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Consequently, the Centre offers an internship programme in order to allow students to engage in its activities.

Students and graduates, Jordanian and foreign are encouraged to apply to work on one of these areas:

1. Politics and security in the Middle East.

2. Democratization, civil society, and public opinion in the Middle East.

3. Economic development and social change in the Middle East.

4. Iranian domestic politics and foreign policy

5. European studies.



Eligible candidates are drawn from current students and graduates, and they will act as researchers/admin assistants and their responsibilities will include the following:

• To act as research assistant to the faculty of the Center.

• To assist in the preparation of newsletters and reports.

• To assist in research projects at the Center.


The internships are unpaid but a number of benefits are on offer:

• Interns will be provided with office space and IT facilities.

• A certificate will be provided to all students on the successful completion of the internship.

• Interns will be allowed to attend Center events free of charge.

• The names of interns will be listed on the Center>s homepage.

• Interns will be offered a certificate acknowledging their contribution.

To Apply:

The Internship Programme Coordinator
Dr. Sara Ababneh
Center for Strategic Studies
University of Jordan
P.O.Box: 13146 

Amman 11942- Jordan
Tel: +962 6 530 0100  

Direct  :+  962 6 530 0113 

Fax  :+  962 6 535 5515

Names of the interns in CSS:


Research Report





EU and Jordan: ύBeyond the ENP Action Plan

March-May 2013

LUISS-Guido Carli, Rome

Political Science

Milena Pirolli


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