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The Center for Strategic at the University of Jordan issued an evaluation report on the implementation of the Jordan EU Action in 2008. The report tackles the political, social and economic aspects of the Action Plan and highlights Jordan’s progress in economic and social reforms, and to a lesser extent in political reforms.


The summary on Iran is a brief analytical coverage of the most prominent issues and topics related to Iran. This coverage aims to shed further light on these issues and interactions that are taking place from the perspective of a specialist in Iranian affairs.


This analysis, which addresses the prospective American-Iranian talks, focuses on three main axes: First: The timing of these talks. In other words, why now? Second: The Iranian political scene and the talks with Washington Third: The Middle East and Washington-Tehran talks This analysis will be published in Arabic and English


This study provides an interpretation of the developments of the nuclear program after the American-Iranian talks, which were held in Baghdad on 28 May 2007. The study also addresses the impact of the regional and international developments on the negotiations between Iran and the European Union, and between Iran and the International Atomic Energy Agency.


Given, the boycott of the parliamentary elections in 2002 by the political opposition, the 25 November, 2006, third parliamentary elections were an important step in Bahrain’s process of political reform, which was launched by King Hamad in 1999


The formulation in the Council of Ministers’ of the European Union statement, issued on 8 December 2009, that within “an agreed time-frame” an independent Palestinian state should emerge on the Middle East’s political map raised hopes for a breakthrough in the remaining unsolved more than 60 years Palestinian issue.


An examination of the role of European states in fostering stability in Yemen.


A comprehensive study of the Palestinian refugee situations in both Syria and Lebanon.



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