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The Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan implemented a study on some current national and regional issues, to know the views and opinions of citizens on the most important developments that pass by Jordan about each of the following issues: 1- General Evaluation of the current situation in Jordan. 2- Assess the economic and social conditions 3- Political and security situation 4- Part Four: Regional issues


The Center for Strategic Studies held a press conference today to announce the results of a public opinion poll entitled "After the Parliamentary Elections and Some Current Issues". The study was implemented between the 3rd and 10th of February 2013.


The Centre for Strategic Studies (CSS), continues in its effort to monitor and measure Jordanian public opinion and inclinations regarding current political affairs and issues that effect Jordan and the region, particularly issues that effect Jordanian society. Towards this goal, the CSS conducted a public opinion poll to measure the impact of the killing of Abu Musaab Al-Zarkawi, who led the Al-Qaeda in Bilad Al Rafedien (Iraq), until his death. His death was followed by a controversial visit, by four Jordanian Parliamentarians, who represent The Islamic Action Front. The purpose of the MPs visit was to pay their condolences on the passing-away of Al Zarkawi at his home in city of Zarka


There have been a number of published opinion polls that have tried to uncover the level of support Arabs and Muslims have for terrorism. Many of these studies have come to the conclusion that Arabs and Muslims generally support terrorism, with slight variations from one country to another. Nonetheless, the majority of these polls did not take into account the political dimensions of terrorism.



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